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Are You A Beginner In Mobile Apps? Use These Tips To Develop A Mobile App

Are You A Beginner In Mobile Apps? Use These Tips To Develop A Mobile App

Want to build a mobile app? Keep on reading!

Entering the field of development is not as easy one thinks it to be! Perhaps, you are well thorough with the theoretical approach to making mobile apps. But what about the actual execution of the learned programming skills.

Remember building an app is about having two primary skills- Java and Android. The former is the language for Android, and the latter is about learning the machine’s XML for the app designs. After knowing each one of them, it is time for you to bridge XML and Java via Android principles.

Are you a beginner? Here are some tips for developing a mobile application!

Are You A Beginner In Mobile Apps? Use These Tips To Develop A Mobile App

6 Tips for Mobile App Development

Book Your Name Space
It is better to decide the name of the app beforehand to avoid any duplication. Google’s Android Market uses a package name sue to identify your app from the other thousands of apps in the play store. If you plan on a mobile app, it is better to think of the name first and reserve it.

Analyze The Android Design Guidelines
Google has formulated a set of guidelines for mobile application development to follow and help the android developers. Known as Material Design, this ensures that all the android apps work the same way with using a consistent UX/UI. The users will be able to use the app properly and understand it too.

Research Well And Listen To Your Users
You are researching before developing is always the best option. Therefore, before working on the app, understand your user and what you want them to do on your app! And listen to the users to get the necessary improvements and updates done.

Be Aware Of Fragmentation
You have to be aware of the fragmented market that you are catering to! Google has come up with android versions, and the related technologies are just better now. Therefore, as a developer, understand the market fragmentation and design the app accordingly.

Optimize Your Apps
Apps are necessary to be optimized to make them appealing to the users. No users love a slow-loading app or take up too much space in the phone. Their experience matters a lot, so take it seriously! Remove the unnecessary elements or objects in the app that makes the app heavy and slow.

Develop For Multiple Devices

The app design should be versatile to be used in every android device. Yes, you can’t test on every device. Therefore, use density-independent pixels to maintain the overall consistency of the app in different devices.

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