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What is Flutter App Development and Its Benefits?

What is Flutter App Development and Its Benefits?

Think mobile app development is your future? You’re not alone.

Over the past few years, this particular area is technology has become extremely famous. Having said that, naturally more and more people are getting inclined to learning app development.

What is Flutter App Development and Its Benefits?
Fortunately, today, developers have some really amazing tools at their disposal. Among these is Flutter, which has made its way to the top of the popularity chart over the past few years.

Today, let’s learn what Flutter is and why you should choose it for your next app development project.

What is Flutter?

Launched in 2017, Flutter is an open-source and free mobile UI framework by none other than Google. In a very simple language, using this tool, you can create make your own mobile application using only a single codebase. This means, now, you don’t have to worry about using two different codes to create an app for android and iOS, separately.

Flutter uses a simple, object-oriented language called Dart. The basic idea is to use widgets to create apps. The user interface is made by combining several widgets. You have the option to use Flutter’s own ready-made widgets, which look quite similar to android and iOS. Or you may create some custom widgets too.

Benefits of Flutter for App Development

Better Productivity

As explained above, Flutter uses the same code base to make android and iOS apps. This can help you save time as well as resources.

Increased Performance

The fact that Dart code compiles into the native language plus there’s no requirement of the OEM widgets, given Flutter carries its own, means the mediated communication between the app and the platform reduces significantly. This further contributes to quick app startup and decreased performance issues.

Quick and Easy Development

One of the most amazing features that we haven’t talked about yet is called hot reload. This allows you to see the result after making any changes in the code instantly using emulators and simulators. Any changes in the code can be installed instantly without even restarting it. This doesn’t only helps while creating UIs or adding a new feature, but also while debugging.

As far as ease of use is in the discussion, as per the claims, it’s so easy that you don’t even need any prior knowledge of coding.

Greater Compatibility

Flutter’s widgets are not part of the platform but the app. This means you’re gonna encounter very less or no compatibility problems on varying operating system versions. This means less time spent on testing.

Go Beyond Just the Mobile

Flutter development is not just limited to mobile. We now have desktop and web versions too. In a recent study, people who know Flutter app development in Toronto, Sydney, L.A. and other big cities are in great demand just because their skills are not limited to a single platform.

There are multiple reasons why you should choose Flutter as your preferred tool for your next app development project. Some of which we’ve just discussed. Hope the above discussion will help you make a decision and invest well while developing your next app.

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